What’s at Stake?

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What’s at Stake?

Statement by Bailey House CEO, Gina Quattrochi

Over the last two years, New York State and other jurisdictions have developed doable strategies and plans to reduce new infections to under 700 new cases, meaning that there will finally be an AIDS free generation. After 35 years of work the end could be in sight.

Whether you call it “Ending AIDS” or “Getting to Zero” the goals are pretty much the same. Reaching them requires navigating  a fragile latticework of medical and scientific research, HIV prevention, access to care and treatment, drug affordability, funding for syringe exchange and a whole-scale investment into those social determinants of health like housing that are required to achieve positive health outcomes.

Will Donald Trump be led by members of his party who may be more conservative than him to gut these safety net programs or will he rely on current experts running agencies like CDC, NIH and HRSA to advise him?  Mr. Trump seems to relish a good deal – I think ending AIDS in 2020 during his presidency is a pretty good one. I hope he takes stock

A Garden that Feeds the Soul

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A Garden that Feeds the Soul

On the first day of fall, we reflect on some highlights of this past summer. Summer 2016 was a special one for residents of Bailey-Holt House, situated on the corner of Christopher Street and the West Side Highway in Greenwich Village. The building is equipped with a spacious rooftop featuring stunning views up and down the Hudson River, and it’s a space that many residents enjoy, especially during the warm summer months. This summer, staff and residents took advantage of the space and collaborated on a rooftop community gardening effort, and the results were spectacular!

“This summer’s garden was the most vibrant and edible in recent history,” said Jeannetta Bushey, Associate Director of the program at Bailey-Holt House. “Everybody is using it. It’s a true community effort.”

Staff and residents worked together on all aspects of the garden, from gathering and creating containers to putting wheels on them so they could be easily moved for watering and weeding. They also learned a lot together through their collaboration. The rooftop is open to the elements and exposed to intense sun and wind; residents and staff had to learn about gardening techniques and plant care in order to create a garden that could withstand the rooftop environment. Adjustments were made along the way to help the garden thrive.

A bonus of creating such a fruitful garden was being able to use the vegetables from the rooftop in the food that’s prepared in the kitchen for residents. “I loved using all the fresh herbs in sauces and soups,” shared Gail, the head cook in the kitchen. “And salads! We made some of the most beautiful and healthy salads using all of the kale, tomatoes, aka shiso, butter lettuce, radishes and peppers. And the residents kept asking for some of the kale for their juicing. I’m looking forward to making fresh pesto with the basil that we’re growing.”

One resident, James, was particularly helpful in the garden. It was his first exposure to hands-on gardening, and as a result of his positive experiences on the Bailey-Holt House rooftop he’s very much looking forward to the next gardening season. James had this to share about his time working in the garden: “Well, I like things that are green. Gardening for me increased socialization, both my own with other residents and for residents among themselves. It’s nice to help Bailey-Holt House be sustainable. It’s satisfying to me, stress reducing and calming. I get to pay it forward and see the results.”

The fruits of labor from the Bailey Holt-House garden included: aka shiso, basil, butter lettuce, clover (to help attract bees!), cucumbers, dill, kale, melons, oregano, peppers, pumpkins, radishes, rosemary, sage, spinach, strawberries, Swiss chard, thyme, tomatoes and zucchini.

As summer ends, the Bailey-Holt House gardeners will overwinter those plants that they can inside, some of which will continue to supply the kitchen with fresh produce to use. Urban gardening at its finest.

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Bailey House Gala & Auction Raises Half a Million Dollars

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Bailey House Gala & Auction Raises Half a Million Dollars

Evite detail - Cropped just event year
On Thursday, March 10th at Pier 60, Bailey House raised half a million dollars at our 2016 Gala & Auction on behalf of our housing and health services programs that transform the lives of people with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. The evening was a huge success, marked by the warmth and community of the intimate Gala dinner, where Bailey House honored the heroism of individuals and organizations that help further our mission, and the festivity of the colorful Auction, now in its 28th year celebrating Bailey House’s services. Visit our event website to learn more about our honorees, hosts, and sponsors.

Bailey House Board Chair Thomas J. Farrell said of the evening, “The Bailey House Gala & Auction is always a festive celebration that, most importantly, raises much-needed funds for all of the men, women, youth, and families who rely on Bailey House’s health and housing services every single day. We are truly overwhelmed with the tremendous generosity of all of our supporters, who help us continue to transform lives for the better.

Bailey House Gala & Auction 2016

2016 Gala & Auction Honorees and Hosts ©Patrick McMullan Photo – Jared Siskin/PMC

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of the event.

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Gala & Auction! If you would like to make an additional donation, or if you have not yet had a chance to contribute, you can still make a donation in support of the event and our vital programs.

See you next year at Bailey House’s 2017 Gala & Auction!

Happy 25th Anniversary to our CEO, Gina Quattrochi

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Happy 25th Anniversary to our CEO, Gina Quattrochi

Rand Harlan Skolnick, Michael DaBoin, Arlene Swartz, and Gina Quattrochi at an early Bailey House event.

Rand Harlan Skolnick, Michael DaBoin, Arlene Swartz, and Gina Quattrochi at an early Bailey House event.

Twenty-five years ago today Bailey House embarked on a new chapter. By 1991, eight years after it was founded by a group of community activists responding to the devastation of the AIDS epidemic and homelessness, Bailey House operated two housing programs providing apartments to 70 people. The operating budget was approximately $4 million.

Those two programs, the first of their kind, helped set the precedent for the rest of the nation. 1991 was the first year the federal government allocated funds to agencies providing services to low-income and homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. 1991 was also the year that Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced he was HIV-positive and the year that Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, passed away from AIDS-related complications.

On February 2, 1991, Bailey House named Gina Quattrochi, a former board member, as its new CEO. A relentless advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS, Gina’s innovative leadership and drive built Bailey House into a $13-million-dollar organization that now houses hundreds of men, women and children and provides supportive services to many more. Over the course of her history, Bailey House has literally saved thousands of lives.

On this day, we wish Gina a happy 25th anniversary.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating Gina’s impactful leadership by making a gift to Bailey House in her honor or by taking part in a toast at the 2016 Gala & Auction.

From all of us at Bailey House, thank you for your steadfast support over the years. You have helped make Gina’s extraordinary vision a reality.

Bailey House Announces New Executive Staff Promotions Related to Significant Program Expansion

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Bailey House Announces New Executive Staff Promotions Related to Significant Program Expansion

New York, NY (October 7, 2015) — Bailey House is excited to announce that two valued members of its executive team have been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President. Denise Arzola, formerly Deputy Director of Community Services, and Jeannette Ruffins, formerly Deputy Director of Supportive Housing, have both been with Bailey House for more than a decade. Their leadership has enabled Bailey House to grow its programs exponentially and enhance its services to magnify its impact in the HIV/AIDS community and beyond. Ms. Arzola’s new title is Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health and Operations, and Ms. Ruffins is now Senior Vice President of Housing and Development.

“Denise and Jeannette have been integral to our success in adapting to the ever-changing landscape of affordable housing and access to healthcare for marginalized New Yorkers. Their leadership helps Bailey House transform the lives of significantly greater numbers of New Yorkers, enabling them to improve their health outcomes and lead more stable lives,” said Gina Quattrochi, who is in her 25th year as Bailey House’s CEO.

This program expansion, including the recent addition of a $1.5M behavioral health pre-treatment initiative funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), has helped establish Bailey House as one of the top housing and health services organizations in NYC. From its start in 1983 as the very first agency to provide supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS, Bailey House has expanded its reach to offer nearly 30 programs to 4,000-plus New Yorkers every year. As it has become possible for HIV-positive people to live longer and healthier lives, the agency has broadened its services to provide wraparound care that supports clients holistically. The successes achieved by its client-centered work have inspired Bailey House to expand its mission to include economically compromised people living with chronic illnesses other than HIV. The management of Ms. Arzola and Ms. Ruffins helps ensure that Bailey House is a vibrant organization prepared to continue growing in ways that strengthen its community and its clients.

In addition to these key leadership enhancements, Bailey House also promoted Lauren Pallies to Vice President of Integrated Health Services and Operations, Kevin Blank to Vice President of Supportive Housing and Operations, Minori Nakamura to Director of Client Services in Supportive Housing and Luz Rivera to Director of Health Homes. Each has extensive experience and successful track records in their respective fields of expertise.

Bailey House Designated an Accredited Charity

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Bailey House Designated an Accredited Charity


BBB logo

Bailey House has been awarded the Accredited Charity Seal from the Better Business Bureau for the eighth year in a row. Click here for our Better Business Bureau report. Bailey House has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity Seal Holder since 2007.

This coveted designation of “Accredited Charity” signifies that we fully meet all 20 Better Business Bureau Standards for Charity Accountability. The Standards for Charity Accountability were developed to assist donors in making sound giving decisions and to foster public confidence in charitable organizations. The standards seek to encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, to promote ethical conduct by charitable organizations and to advance support of philanthropy. Organizations like Bailey House provide documentation illustrating how they comply with these accountability standards. Bailey House is proud to be a longstanding Accredited Charity.







Thank you to our youth interns!

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Thank you to our youth interns!

SYEP 2015 interns

Summer Youth Employment Program interns

Thank you to our four AMAZING Summer Youth Employment Program interns! We had a round of wonderful presentations today summarizing what each learned from their experience at Bailey House and their dreams and goals for the future. We wish them all the best, whether finishing high school or moving on to college.

SYEP 2015 staff mentors and youth interns with CEO Gina Quattrochi

Staff mentors and youth interns with CEO Gina Quattrochi

Visit Facebook to see photos of our interns’ presentation.

$1M for Housing Program for Formerly Incarcerated HIV+ People

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$1M for Housing Program for Formerly Incarcerated HIV+ People


Bailey House is thrilled to announce that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently renewed our Project FIRST (Formerly Incarcerated Rental Support and Training) program with a $1,081,922 grant. Project FIRST provides housing placement and other re-entry support for HIV-positive individuals recently released from prison.

Since our founding in 1983, Bailey House’s approach has been that Housing is Healthcare for people living with HIV and other chronic illnesses. HUD Secretary Juliàn Castro echoed that core tenet when he stated that “Housing and health go hand in hand…Having a stable place to live can make all the difference.”

Project FIRST has transformed the lives of more than 800 people since 2003 by providing housing and housing referrals. In addition to housing assistance and connection to medical care and HIV treatment, the initiative partners with Bailey House’s Independent Living Skills program to improve participants’ self-management skills and ensure that they have access to vocational training and job placement assistance.

Formerly incarcerated individuals often encounter discrimination while searching for housing and jobs, and the additional stigma of HIV, four times as prevalent among incarcerated populations as among the general public, creates another barrier. These significant obstacles lead to disproportionate rates of unemployment (54% among formerly incarcerated people) and homelessness; at least 25% of homeless individuals have a history of incarceration. They also face extremely high rates of substance use (80%) and mental illness (30%), adding another layer of difficulty to successful re-entry into their communities. To ensure that their unique needs are met, Project FIRST provides linkage to primary and behavioral healthcare through Bailey House’s care coordination programs as well as offering housing and skill-building support.

Bailey House 2015 Gala & Auction Raises $520,000

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Bailey House 2015 Gala & Auction Raises $520,000

Bailey House Gala & Auction 2015Bailey House Gala & Auction 2015KingTexas_2015_BaileyHouse_Gala_1KingTexas_2015_BaileyHouse_Gala_36

From top: Bailey House CEO Regina Quattrochi, Jane Pauley and Joel Grey (photo by Patrick McMullan); Event Co-Chairs Dan Scheffey, Elizabeth Sadoff, Charles Pavarini III, Laura Krey and John Eason (photo by Patrick McMullan); and two of the vignettes at the Auction (photos by King Texas). View more photos on our Facebook page.

On Thursday, March 26th at Pier 60, Bailey House raised $520,000 at the organization’s 2015 Gala & Auction supporting its housing and health services programs that transform the lives of people with or at risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. At the Gala Dinner, Bailey House honored Jane Pauley, respected television anchor and journalist; Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes, generous philanthropic leaders from the worlds of media, fashion and design; New York City Council Member Corey Johnson; and the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA) and the 30 for 30 Campaign, HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations.

Ted Allen, host of Food Network’s Chopped and All-Star Academy and Spokesperson for Dining Out For Life®, presided over a spirited evening that included Academy, Tony and Golden Globe-winning actor Joel Grey, who presented the Arts & Legacy Award to Jane Pauley for her longtime supporter of Bailey House and outspoken advocacy in the field of mental health. Other award presenters included Karen Sheftell for Mr. Johnson, who received the Jason Sheftell Real Estate Award for his passionate leadership in addressing the inequities in housing and access to healthcare facing low-income and HIV-positive New Yorkers; Bailey House’s own Malta Cirino for NBLCA and 30 for 30, who received the AIDS Warrior Award for the work each is doing to improve the lives of people of color and women living with and affected by HIV; and Randy Florke for Mr. Goldfarb and Mr. Paredes, who received the Rand Harlan Skolnick Social Responsibility Award in honor of their generous philanthropy and powerful support of the HIV/AIDS community and Bailey House’s mission.

The Gala Dinner was followed by the legendary Bailey House Auction, conducted by auctioneer Robbie Gordy of Christie’s New York. The live auction included such highlights as portrait sittings by celebrated artists Mark Beard and Andres Serrano; stunning photographs from Robert Mapplethorpe and Herb Ritts; a Meet and Greet with Chita Rivera including tickets to her new Broadway show The Visit; and a multitude of exciting vacation getaways. The silent auction featured almost 400 items, including art from artists such as Ross Bleckner, James Rosenquist, Duane Michals, Alex Amini, Sayan Ray and Garry Trudeau, and home décor, art, fashion, and entertainment items from brands such as Giorgio Armani, Reed Krakoff, Baz Persaud, Susan Rockefeller, Kenneth Cole, John Lyle, , Culture Object, Biasi Catani, Carmen Marc Valvo, , Anthony Lawrence Belfair, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, John Derian Company, JB b.o.r.n. Vintage Fashion Boutique, The Standard, Craft Restaurant, Jonathan Adler, Orbitz and many more.

Bailey House’s CEO, Regina Quattrochi, said of the evening, “Our clients are brave to seek our help, because it is the first step towards turning their lives around – and sometimes that first step is the hardest. But the key to survival is not bravery. It’s about having a community that transforms the fear of the unknown into hope for the future. All of the funds raised through this event support our vital services, helping to guarantee that we are able to continue transforming lives for the better.”


Through generous sponsorships, celebrity support and phenomenal auction items, Bailey House has raised more than $15 million since its inaugural Auction. All proceeds from the event go directly to providing housing and supportive services for Bailey House clients – homeless and low-income men, women, children and LGBTQ youth living with or at high risk of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.


With Special Thanks:

Diamond Sponsors

Betsy Lawrence


 Gold Sponsors

David France and Jonathan Starch

Giorgio Armani

Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes

John Metzner and Stan Ponte

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Stan Ponte/Sotheby’s International Realty

Ralph Lauren Corporation

The Ralph and Ricky Lauren Family Foundation

Seth M. Rosen and Jacob K. Goertz


Amida Care

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BTQ Financial

Mount Sinai

Frank Selvaggi and Bill Shea

Media Sponsors

New York Spaces

Manhattan Magazine

Special Gratitude to Our Longtime Partners

Chelsea Frames

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Décor Art Gallery

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Steven Amedee Fine Custom Framing


Stay tuned for information about other events via Bailey House’s email listFacebookTwitter and Instagram!


Gala & Auction 2015 Website Launch

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Gala & Auction 2015 Website Launch

The Bailey House Gala & Auction is right around the bend on March 26! Below are just three of the fantastic items we have for our 2015 event. Visit www.baileyhouseauction.org to view a larger selection. We get new items every day, so check back often for updates!   Click here to purchase tickets to the event.

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