Auction Mania!

Posted on 02/11/2010 at 5:24 am

With 2 weeks left to go, Auction Mania is in full throttle.  From the posters designed by Pace Kaminisy in 300 phone kiosks throughout the City to the media buzz, things are in full swing. But what is this thing, the Bailey House Auction?  Let me describe it to you like this. Where can you go to mingle with 1000 of the best looking people in NYC while you pick up a Mapplethorpe and bid on chance to do the weather with ABC’s Sam Champion? Or, let’s put it this way. Where can you go to drink and eat all night, bid on over 250 items like fabulous trips, “meet and greets”, New Year’s Eve in the ABC booth above Times Square and a cool Herb Ritts photo for only $250?

The best part is while you’re  drinking custom blended blue drinks you will be rubbing shoulders with some of the sexiest celebrities around. In past years auction goers hobnobbed with Tim Gunn, Anderson Cooper, Simon Doonan, Jonathon Adler, the Duchess of York, Martina Navitolova, Susan Sarandon, Luci Arnez, Cindy Crawford, Parker Posey and Ashley Judd. You may have even ended up in Bill Cunningham’s pictorial column in the NYT Sunday Style.  Nice.

Yes, the Bailey House Auction & Party is the thing dreams are made of. Well maybe that’s too dramatic but here are some of the fantasies we know will be activated by this year’s experience. Will the Armani model be free later? Will ARod throw a ball my way when I’m in my Premium seats on Opening Day? Will Sponge Bob wave to me as I watch him float by from my VIP seats at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?  Will Tim Gunn think my outfit should be on Project Runway? Good luck and remember that like the NYC lotto commercial says, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.  .

Run out and buy your tickets now. Or better go to and get them online. And keep in touch on our facebook page for updates on new items and other exciting news! I’ll see you at the bar. Maybe Anderson Cooper will stop by and we can quiz him on what it’s like to spend New Year with Kathy Griffin. Blue margaritas anyone?


  1. Joshua Talent says:

    I live 364 days for this one!

  2. charles says:

    Still recovering. This year’s event was the coolest.