Bailey House Mourns the Passing of AIDS Warrior Rodger McFarlane

Posted on 05/19/2009 at 8:21 am


The Board, staff and clients of Bailey House remember their friend, hero and former board member Rodger McFarlane with tremendous affection and gratitude. He was an AIDS warrior whose passion and fire ignited us all to build the HIV/AIDS movement on a model of social activism and pure guts. He taught us to fight bureaucracy that stands in the way of saving lives and reducing suffering. “Rodger taught me to be tough because he knew that working in AIDS in the early days could destroy you unless you were able to move past the death and suffering and make things happen. Over the years I called upon his wisdom and friendship many times to get through tough spots. I always knew he would be brutally honest, a taskmaster and still hold my hand throughout. He was one of the people I could count on. I cannot imagine the planet without him,” stated Gina Quattrochi, CEO. Rodger was one of the founders of the AIDS Resource Center, later renamed Bailey House, and served on the board as its president from 1991-1994. He was given the honorary title of President Emeritus in 2003 in celebration of Bailey House’s 20th anniversary.

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