Campaign to End AIDS Advocacy Day

Posted on 05/03/2010 at 9:20 am

Last April, Key Awards honoree, Malta Cirino, once again headed up to Washington, DC to use one of her strongest weapons against the AIDS epidemic… Her voice.  A group of Bailey House clients, led by Ms. Cirino, jumped on a bus to Capitol Hill to participate in the 5th annual Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA) Advocacy Day.    

What is C2EA?  It is a coalition of individuals who demand 1. Full funding of quality treatment and support services for all people living with HIV 2.  HIV prevention guided by science rather than ideology 3. An increase in research to find a cure 4. Fight the AIDS stigma and 5. Protect the civil rights of all people with HIV/AIDS.

Bailey House’s involvement in this yearly endeavor ensures key decision makers are properly informed when developing federal programs and policies that directly affect our supportive housing programs.  When you support Bailey House you are supporting the advocacy efforts of Malta and others.  Thank you for making their voices heard.

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