Eugenia Lee Hancock: May 22,1951-June 1,2010

Posted on 06/04/2010 at 7:19 am

It is with great sadness Bailey House shares the news of the passing of founding member Eugenia Lee Hancock.  

Lee’s life was about bringing people of differing faiths and beliefs together in understanding and tolerance. As we mourn the end of  her  too short life we take comfort in knowing that it was a life lived with gusto that touched so very many.

Bailey House CEO Regina Quattrochi reflects on the legacy of Lee’s life in the AIDS community.  “In 1983 Lee along with a small cadre of visionary advocates from progressive religious organizations and the LGBT community, started a movement to provide housing for people living with HIV/AIDS (then called GRID). Her vision and indomitable spirit are reflected in everything we and other AIDS housing advocates do here and around the globe. Hundreds of thousands PWAs live and die in dignity because of her.”

Our condolences to Mark, Hannah and Sarah.

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