Healthcare Reform

Posted on 09/25/2009 at 1:51 pm

Our new office at Park Avenue and 121st has been open about 3 months now and folks from the community are already coming in to see what we have to offer.  I arrived today after my first coffee of the day and “Morning Joe”. My ears were ringing from hearing the news pundits battling  over whether President Obama’s attempt to reform healthcare was a plot to deny care to the elderly (and Palin’s down syndrome baby) or the most important social justice program since the Civil Rights Act. Fortunately, when I got to the door I ran into Ms. Pamela who wanted to know what we were doing in here. When I told her, she asked if we could help her get healthcare.  

Bingo. Reality talks and the pundit’s voices fade into the background. Maybe they should do a show from Park/121st. Lucky for Ms. Pamela, she qualifies for Medicaid. Now that may not seem like a lucky thing to most people these days.  If you lose your job and are not entitled to programs like the NYS ADAP program, which provide medical insurance coverage for those living with HIV/AIDS who are not Medicaid eligible, you are OUT OF LUCK.

We think healthcare insurance needs to be reformed to give everyone coverage so we can all get the care we need. We see firsthand how good healthcare helps people live longer, even with diseases like AIDS, viral hepatitis and many types of cancer. We urge all of you to get up to speed on Healthcare Reform so if you are standing on line at Whole Foods or hanging out at Lenox Lounge, you can counter claims that all of this effort is aimed at getting rid of the Baby Boomer generation a decade or so early.  One source is  BTW, we are in the process of helping Ms. Pamela and she did leave here with a bag of groceries from our incredible food pantry. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

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