What is Medical Case Management?

Posted on 02/11/2010 at 5:37 am

Bailey House has been fortunate enough to launch a medical case management (MCM) program that will strengthen relationships within the community.

The MCM program is a partnership with three healthcare partner agencies – Boriken Health Center in East Harlem, Heritage Health Care in Central Harlem, and HELP/PSI in Highbridge in the Bronx – and integrates the community and the healthcare system to provide a comprehensive continuity of care with wraparound services. Targeting individuals who are new to HIV medical care as well as those who have fallen out of care, the program addresses their medical and support service needs by:  connecting individuals to care and coordinating all health-related services with centralized support services; facilitating ongoing communication between the medical provider and community service staff; and fostering independence and self-management through health and treatment adherence education.

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