New York City Honors Bailey House CEO

Posted on 05/11/2011 at 8:21 am

New York, NY – On Wednesday, May 11th , a day 20 years in the making, the New York City Council will honor Bailey House CEO, Regina Quattrochi, at their temporary headquarters at the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank for her 20 years of dedicated service at Bailey House. Her leadership in advocating for housing as a critical part of HIV/AIDS care has transformed the lives of thousands of formerly homeless New York men and women living with the disease.
Ms. Quattrochi is unique among major non-profit CEOs in New York – she has stayed at the helm of an HIV/AIDS organization steering it through two decades of dramatic evolution in all aspects of HIV/AIDS treatment, care, and funding here and nationally. Under her leadership Bailey House has remained a leader famous for innovation, client-centered programming, advocacy, and passion.

The New York City Council issued a proclamation stating, “The City Council hereby acknowledges Gina Quattrochi’s 20 years of service at Bailey House, the first AIDS housing organization in New York City, on behalf of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS. Ms. Quattrochi is a passionate advocate who has helped bring visibility to the plight of low income and homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. Due to her leadership on a local, state and federal level, HIV/AIDS housing is now recognized as a critical element of HIV/AIDS care. Most recently her work on the President Obama’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy on behalf of HIV infected New Yorkers resulted in national recognition of the importance of stable housing and the critical role that homelessness plays in fueling HIV incidence . Ms. Quattrochi has been an asset to the City Council over her 20 years at Bailey House by providing vital information to enable us to make informed decisions about regulatory and budget issues. We salute Ms. Quattrochi and all of her Bailey House staff for making New York City a better place to live for homeless men and women living with AIDS.”

When the AIDS epidemic hit: men, women, and children were left homeless and stigmatized. In 1983, Bailey House stepped to the forefront and became the nation’s first provider of supportive housing to people living with HIV/AIDS. Bailey House witnesses first-hand the transformation of clients as they move beyond crisis of diagnosis to lead productive and independent lives. Bailey House’s landmark successful housing programs have been cited by the New York State AIDS Institute and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a model program and Bailey House has been held up as an example for AIDS agencies across the country.

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