Permanent Housing and Supportive Services for homeless HIV-positive and LGBTQ Young Adults

The STARS (Success Through Accessing Rental Assistance and Support) program provides housing to 57 young people ages 18-26. Bailey House is the largest provider of permanent housing for homeless HIV-positive young adults in NYC.

Homeless young adults lack in services and shelter beds, much less permanent housing. On any given night in NYC, at least 1,600 young adults have no place to call home, including approximately 40% who identify as LGBTQ. Currently the City only maintains a few hundred shelter beds for young adults. These shelter beds are not always suitable for LGBTQ youth, who are often harassed and instead choose to risk living on the street.

STARS is one of the few permanent housing options available for HIV-positive and LGBTQ homeless young adults in NYC. Other than housing, STARS services  include: connection to medical care, support accessing mental health and substance use treatment, independent living skills training and vocational/educational referrals, individual counseling and support, and creative arts therapy.

Through a multi-year return-on-investment study, our STARS model has been proven to help residents sustain their connection to medical care and increase HIV treatment adherence, leading to improved health outcomes and significant savings in public housing and medical costs.