The New Behavioral Health Clinic at Bailey House

Posted on 08/08/2012 at 1:59 pm

We are really excited to be opening a new behavioral health clinic in East Harlem in the Fall of 2012, at our headquarters on Park Avenue and E. 122nd Street.  If  you want to stay healthy, you have to first manage your emotional life.  Unmanaged depression, anxiety, etc. is a major barrier to engaging in HIV or Hepatitis C treatment, getting and keeping housing, engaging in a community and feeling good about one’s self.

We think it’s very cool that we will be the first clinic in the community to offer comprehensive behavioral health services targeted to everyone in the community, including people living with HIV/AIDS with histories of drug use, incarceration, or viral hepatitis; LGBTQ youth; families; and those who are unstably housed.  The clinic will be integrated into our Rand Harlan Center for Housing, Wellness and Community so anyone who comes in to see a therapist will have access to our food pantry, health and wellness program, computer lab and housing placement assistance.   Get involved now by making a donation.  There are lots of great naming opportunities, so don’t wait!  Please contact Cathy Krugman, Chief Development Officer, directly at (212) 633-2500 x455 if you are interested in getting involved.  Click here to donate.

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