What’s at Stake?

Posted on 11/10/2016 at 2:24 pm

Statement by Bailey House CEO, Gina Quattrochi

Over the last two years, New York State and other jurisdictions have developed doable strategies and plans to reduce new infections to under 700 new cases, meaning that there will finally be an AIDS free generation. After 35 years of work the end could be in sight.

Whether you call it “Ending AIDS” or “Getting to Zero” the goals are pretty much the same. Reaching them requires navigating  a fragile latticework of medical and scientific research, HIV prevention, access to care and treatment, drug affordability, funding for syringe exchange and a whole-scale investment into those social determinants of health like housing that are required to achieve positive health outcomes.

Will Donald Trump be led by members of his party who may be more conservative than him to gut these safety net programs or will he rely on current experts running agencies like CDC, NIH and HRSA to advise him?  Mr. Trump seems to relish a good deal – I think ending AIDS in 2020 during his presidency is a pretty good one. I hope he takes stock

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